13/3/18 ~ Since we last met

Sat. Mar. 17 Noel&Mary at John Benny’s Pub, Dingle
Mon. Mar. 26 Greenshine at BAG Sessions, Ballymore Eustace
Sun. Apr. 15 Greenshine 12 noon, live performance LCCR radio
Sun. Apr. 15 Greenshine at Chez le Fab, Limerick 3-5pm
Sat. Apr. 28 Greenshine&Many More, Gig For Timmy the Brit, Oliver Plunkett, Cork 1-5pm
Sat. May 8 Mary with Laura Mulcahy at Central Arts, Waterford, 9.30
Fri. May 11 Greenshine, Hank Wedel, Cormac O Caoimh, Lynda Cullen and Martin Leahy in Concert for Cork Penny Dinners, An Spailpin Fanach 7pm
Sat. May 26 Greenshine in Concert, Pepper’s Folk Club, Feakle, Clare 9.30pm
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It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year and a half in a busy life since we updated the site and We vow to change that now! So much has happened but I’ll try to fly through it. In the Summer of 2016 we released the single The Girl in the Lavender Dress from the album of the same name. It received wonderful radio support being the most played track on RTERadio1 over a month of the Summer and third most played Irish track on the station for the year. We were so pleased at the reaction it got especially from our peers in the music scene:
“Wow. Stunning song. Beautiful melody and words,”Ron Sexsmith, while Fiachna Ó Braoináin of Hot House Flowers said:”One of my favourite songs of the year.” Aonghus McAnally national broadcaster said it was: “One of the most creative things to come out of Ireland for quite a while”
We went on to release a further 2 singles – Shadowland with Jim Lockhart of Horslips commenting: ” It’s lovely – tasty horn and really nice writing and performance.” The song was playlisted on stations around the country and once again, received much airplay on RTE Radio 1 earning the trio an interview and live 2 song performance on RTE’s flagship arts show Arena.
We then released CITY OF DREAMS due to immense encouragement from fans, too many to count who were fascinated by the romantic story of Kurt Cobain discovering Irish roots having come to play Cork with Nirvana in 1991. You can read more on that in this Irish Examiner piece
So that’s it in a nutshell except to add that we have enjoyed playing festivals and concerts up and down the island of Ireland in the intervening time, loving our time and music together and looking forward with pleasure to the release of our upcoming single Dandelion Seed later on in the month.

Lots has happened to keep us busy and, largely, happy since the 2013 post. For a start we launched Greenshine as a band and although Noel and I often play as a duo still, we have been concentrating a lot of our energies on the band with Ellie. Our album of the same name was a pleasure to make and although it’s extremely hard work, it’s very gratifying to record your own music, put it out and for it to do well and get you a larger audience than ever before. (See the media page for lovely endorsements from the likes of Christy Moore and Sharon Shannon along with some live reviews of the music). Now it’s two years on, two years filled with the most lovely concerts in some really special venues, and here we are hitting the studio again for our second Greenshine album. As usual the problem will be deciding what to put on and what to leave off to make an album that hangs together well. I still believe in full albums and thoughtful running orders, I guess I’m just old fashioned like that. I believe you should be able to put on track one and listen until the last track and hear the thing as a whole piece and for it to make sense. For those of you who like to just cherry pick the tracks you like best, you have the digital option on the links page. Over the next while I’ll be putting up the lyrics to our cd on the lyrics page. Tis all ahead of me.

So. What’s coming up for Greenshine? Music, music, music and trying to get to grips with technology. I have yet to make a successful Youtube….that’s next on the list…but, sure, Rome wasn’t built in a day. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the new site and please feel free to get in touch and chat. All the best to you and your’s.      Mary G.