November 2013

It’s Autumn 2013 and there’s a lot of water under the bridge since I last wrote….we’ve been doing what we always do – working, playing music, recording, looking after one another, having the odd row and generally getting on with life, and death. We’ve lost some friends and family along the way but such is the unbroken circle.

Paddy Greene’s Family Album was the last venture we undertook and it’s there now for posterity ~ Paddy’s lovely voice surrounded by the voices of his sons, his daughter, his granddaughters and his son-in-law. It’s no more than the man deserves for a lifetime of song.

Ellie has been singing more and more with us since the age of 14 and has performed on some big stages for a smallie – The Abbey Theatre in front of a great audience which included President Michael D Higgins and his lovely wife Sabina – Triskel Christchuch where we were coaxed onstage to swap songs and have the craic with Christy Moore and Declan Sinnott for the fine workers of Vita Cortex to support them in their labour struggles. She made big friends with Ronny Cox having not yet seen ‘Deliverance’….. there’s plenty of time for that. What a lovely man he is and a fine actor.

We decided we needed to make it official, Ellie being in the band, so we took the name GREENSHINE and have been recording a cd to go with the name for the past couple of years. We took our time. Songs had to be written, sung, played, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered and of course in between times, domestic life was given priority, as it should be when you’re part of a family. One of the saddest things was that Thady, our great little Jack Russell, went on the missing list and has never returned. We were gutted. We immortalized him on our lovely new GREENSHINE poster and on the cover of our new self-titled album. You can’t keep a good dog down.

So, here we are now with the leaves blowing around us and the streams at full spate, just about to launch the 5th cd on the Tigerdog label – GREENSHINE….14 tracks recorded here at home, a mixture of our own songs and some covers featuring Noel, Mary and Ellie and special guests Sadie Shine and Martin Leahy. We hope you like it. If you want to take a punt on it, you’ll find it in the STORE. You’ll also find some new photos in the GALLERY. If you’d like to say hi, there’s an email address on the contact page along with a link to our Facebook page.