April 2007

Hi folks. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I gave you any news. I’m afraid I’ve been seduced by the simplicity and immediacy of myspace and a lot of our online activity has been directed in that direction! I’ll try to be more on the ball in future! We had a lovely, lovely Easter. The weather was splendid and contributed to a great feeling of well being around the old cottage. We’ve been spending lots of time outside tending to various projects…the renovation of a little shed, fencing…real glamour stuff. We paid our first visit to The Moving Stairs in Boyle and also had a wonderful interview withFrank Phelan up in Ballyfermot on WDAR community radio. Frank is a true music fan and very supportive of Irish artists. Fairplay to you Frank. I had a lovely chat with Jimon the morning show on Inisowen radio too.. another good guy.

Another nice piece of news is that Hank Wedel, my buddy with whom I wrote a song called Riverly, tells me that he has been singing Riverly all over Europe and that it has been getting a really nice reception. That’s nice to hear. Also on the writing front, we were delighted to hear some of our music being used recently on a tv show called ‘Show me the money’, cool show too. I was delighted also to make a trip to Dublin recently to a great tips and demo show hosted by IMRO which featured Ralph Murphy, Tony Arata (who wrote The Dance for Garth Brooks… talented AND a great guy to boot) and James Dean Hicks who has had a song covered by Ashlee Simpson recently. I took the opportunity to link up with my buddy Jim Dwan and write a couple of songs. I want to do more of this work in the coming weeks. Take care everyone and feel free to listen to all the tracks on the site and drop us a line too.

Regards, Mary.